Ding! Students Give Feedback About the New Bell Schedule: Does it Work?

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Grace King has implemented a new bell schedule for 1st lunch: Freshmen stay in class while the Upperclassmen go to 3rd Block. After everyone is in class a third bell will ring, and Freshmen will go to lunch.

This new bell schedule is used to avoid tardiness to class and a cluster in the hallways between the Freshmen and the Upperclassmen.

We asked some students about what they think about the new bell schedule.

“Actually, I like it because I get to go to class faster.” –Vianca Marin, 11

“I mean I kind of like it, there’s less crowded people.” –Lovly Lea, 11

“Yes, it does help. One extra minute would be very helpful. I always have to push my way through.” –Scarlett Castaneda,  11

“I don’t like it because the Freshmen are inside the room and we’re outside waiting.” – Angie Lobo, 11

Yes, because it is not as crowded and we can get to class much faster. ” –Ashely Lacour, 11

Whenever the upperclassmen have class and the bell rings for freshman lunch we should be allowed to use the bathroom as well.” –Paula Amodia, 11

“Yes, I like the new schedule. There are less freshmen. ” –Tranae Carbo,10

“Yes, because everyone isn’t going to class at the same time, and freshman aren’t always walking in my way. We also need more time in between classes.” –Zachery Romero, 11

“I like it, I can go to the bathroom in between classes” –Merline Souvenance, 11