Alumni: Mary Vu (c/o 2018)

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Alumni: Mary Vu (c/o 2018)

Lina Lin

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What year did you graduate from Grace King?

“I graduated in 2018.”

What college are you attending?

“Xavier University.”

Why did you choose this college?

“I had a full ride scholarship here.”

What are you majoring in? How many years of college will that take?

“Biology Pre-Med (4 years bachelor, 2 years Physician Assistant (PA) school).”

What is college like? Is it different from what you imagined back in high school?

“Xavier’s workload is insane haha. I figured college was going to be hard.”

What is the biggest difference between college and high school?

“I’m on campus from 7 am-11 pm while in high school the latest I stayed was 6 pm. Also, never underestimate how hard school is. It’s very rigorous and even high school doesn’t prepare much students for how hard college is. It’s a lot of self teaching and self studying. Make good friends with your high school teachers now because they can help you with so much more later on. They went through college too.”

What is your favorite place to study or just to relax?

“My favorite place to study is at the Starbucks by N. Causeway or the one in Elmwood with friends. There’s also the Puccino’s by Pandan Teahouse in Harrahan. It usually depends on where my friends live. I also study everyday when I have free time in XULA’s library.”

Which class is your favorite/coolest class?

“I legit hate all of my classes, but I guess I like my Biology Lab class the best; my professor is pretty funny, and my peers are helpful.”

Are your classes lecture-based or discussion-based?

“My biology and chemistry classes are all lecture-based. Biochemistry lab is discussion/hands on. My English class is discussion-based too.”

What is a typical a day as a college student like?

“A typical college student day is non-stop studying, occasional crying, and barely eating. Just kidding! I actually do study all day, but I study with my peers and friends. Forming a study group is the best way to get on top of your stuff. Doing it alone will never get you anywhere, especially when there might be someone in your group who understands the material better than you.”

Do you live on or off campus?

“I live off campus, but I spend 7 days a week at this school.”

Have you thought about joining a club? Is so, which ones?

“I’ve joined Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and went to the Mahjong Club’s first meeting. It was pretty cool, plus they’re heavily funded.”

Is there a lot of clubs? Is so, can you name some?

“There’s a pretty good amount of clubs. This is an Historically Black College University (HBCU) so the vibe is very enriching and liberal. I don’t remember much, but they do have greek life and student government.”

What do you miss about Grace King?

“I miss my peers and favorite teachers at King.”

What clubs were you in?

Key Club

Student Council


Is there something that happened during your high school life in general that you miss?

“I made lots of relationships, friendships, and memories during high school. I miss the vibe of high school but not high school itself.”

What do you think Grace King should improve on?

“Grace King could improve on a lot of things, but from what I saw my senior year, they really do try their best to provide their students with resources. You can’t complain about that.”

“I wish King didn’t focus on trying to get points for the school. However, eventually things will just work out.”

How well do you think Grace King prepared you for college or life in general?

“King was a wreck. It really helped me understand that in life, if you want stuff to get done, you get it done yourself. King didn’t baby you, and that’s the mindset it taught me when I was a freshmen.”

Do you plan to stay or leave the New Orleans area? If leaving, where are you planning to move to?

“I currently plan on staying in NOLA even when I’m in PA school. I would like to get a PA license in California after I get my Louisiana PA license  but it’s just a thought, not really my main focus, as of now it’s to just pass.”

Do you have any advice for students whom are unsure what to do after graduation or feel indifferent about college?

“I always say go to school even if school isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t matter what college you go to: ivy-league or even community college, I can’t stress this enough. School is school. You will always have resources at the college you go to whether it’s a four year university or even a technical school that teaches you beauty, cooking, maintenance, etc, etc. Unsure about college? Still try your best to get into higher education. Universities offer so much that you could really spend your time finding your passion. Not only that but with the job market and economy now, if you want a decent salary, you NEED at least a bachelor’s degree. You can’t just focus on being a mumble rapper like Lil Pump and expect millions instantly.”

Group picture from VSA. Mary is at the bottom, slightly towards the left.