Alumni: Tiffany Perdomo (c/o 2018)

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Alumni: Tiffany Perdomo (c/o 2018)

Lina Lin

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What year did you graduate from Grace King?


What college are you attending?

“Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge (LSU)”

Why did you choose this college?

“LSU has actually always been my dream college. I love that it’s not too far away from home. It’s also positively and widely recognized. Because it’s so large, there are so many different majors, resources, and activities to choose from. I don’t feel limited in my options. Despite the expensive cost to go here, it’s worth it because I have the help of scholarships, loans, and others. Cheaper colleges didn’t even offer my major.”

What are you majoring in? How many years of college will that take?

“My major is architecture. LSU has a great architecture program. Unfortunately, it takes 5 years (so I’m not #LSU22:( ).”

What is the biggest difference between college and high school?

“You’re really all alone here: no one to wake you up if you oversleep, no one to push you to complete your assignments on time, no professor is going to extend an assignment just because you said you were sick or had a bad day. Also, everyone can get so busy and have such different schedules, so sometimes you might just end up eating lunch alone. Of course, it’s really not as bad and as lonely as I’m making it seem like. It’s just that there’s no room for procrastination and laziness.”

Which class is your favorite/coolest class?

“My favorite class is Appreciation of Architecture (ARCH 2401) class. I love my professor, and I’m so interested all the time. Architecture is my major, so I do get down and frustrated at times. However, I feel like that class empowers, inspires, and makes me remember why I am going for architecture.”

Are your classes lecture-based or discussion-based?

“They are mainly lecture-based because of the large amount of people, and these are my basic classes. My architecture 1001, though, is different. It’s not really a lecture; it’s studio time where we’re told what our assignment is, and we spend this 4 hour long class getting into groups, discussing ideas, and working on our projects.”

Do you live on or off campus?

“I live on campus, in Art and Design Residence Hall. It’s a dorm with one roommate.”

Have you thought about joining a club? Is so, which ones?

“Yes! I really want to; I just don’t have time at all right now. Math and architecture are eating up all my time. I’d like to join a ceramics club, RHA (basically student council for the dorm hall you’re living in). I also want to join another club. It’s another student council thing just for architecture.”

Is there a lot of clubs? Is so, can you name some?

“There are so many clubs! Basically if you can think of a club, we have it! In architecture, there’s NOMAs, SHiPs, AIAS, free speech, and ceramics club. There’s a whole bunch of others that I can’t even remember.”

What do you miss about Grace King?

“I miss being involved: cheering, painting murals, and making pep rally decorations. I miss stressing over which layout would look best on this certain page in the yearbook. I miss what’s going on and feeling important.

“For cheer, I miss the feeling and relief of the team coming together to pull off a routine, performance, or stunt because it included so much hard work. I miss the energy and dedication.”

“I also miss the teachers! I miss seeing some positive role models that would help me with my assignments and things in my personal life. I knew I’d miss Ms. Bullington, Ms. Chicas, Mrs. Augustine, and Mrs. Vollmer so much, but we still keep in touch.”

“I also miss some friends. It’s weird not seeing them everyday now. Some are mile away, others right next door, but I never have time to visit.”

What clubs were you in at Grace King?

Student Council



National Honor Society

Is there something from Grace King you will always remember?

“No matter what, I’ll always remember how I met my boyfriend, Steven. No matter what lies ahead he’s been with me through so much. I’ll always remember the beginning of sophomore year in homeroom. Mr. Steinbaur assigned seats and made us sit next to each other (so sometimes assigned seats aren’t so bad). I’ll always remember the murals I painted, screaming at pep rallies, and feeling the excitement that take over before a performance.”

How well do you think Grace King prepared you for college or life in general?

“Tough question to answer. GK prepared me well but also not well at the same time. They prepared me well in a sense that I know how to prioritize and manage my time, for the most part. Not so well, in that, at GK I had time to be lazy and procrastinate a bit, which does not apply in college. Also, not having a math my senior year really messed me up. I’m struggling now because I don’t remember how to do what I learned in the past. I know it’d be an issue, but my schedule (at that point) was out of my hands. College and life isn’t really something you can fully prepare for though. You learn as you go.”

Do you plan to stay or leave the New Orleans area? If leaving, where are you planning to move to?

“I’m still a little undecided. I’d like to move after graduation, maybe somewhere to Texas where I feel there’s more opportunity to build and design in still-flourishing areas, but my family’s here. I guess we’ll see what the future holds.”

Do you have any advice for students whom are unsure what to do after graduation or feel indifferent about college?

“College isn’t for everyone, but I feel it’s definitely worth a try. It’s difficult and is a long, frustrating process but take advantage of the chances and opportunities you get. Even if you have no clue what you’d major in or even if you think you prefer work over school, just give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, then that’s okay, at least you tried and didn’t give up. Tell yourself you simply couldn’t. No matter what you decide, you’ll come out having learned something new (whether it be a certain topic, the world, or yourself).”

Tiffany in her dorm room.