Schedule change: GK moves to 4×4 block scheduling

Diana Carmona, Editor-in-Chief

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Grace King’s 2016-2017 school year started out with some major changes for students’ schedules when the four-by-four schedule was put into action.

Previously, students followed an AB block schedule where they attended four classes one day and four different classes the next. Four-by-four scheduling has students going to only four classes each semester, resembling a college schedule.

Students involved in Honors classes, Dual Enrollment classes, and AP classes said they prefer the four-by-four schedule because they have the same classes every day and can process the subjects better.

“I like the new schedule because I have more time to focus on classes and I don’t get confused about when what class is; it’s less stressful,” senior Leah Walton said.

According to Grace King’s principal, Sharon Meggs-Hamilton, the schedule was changed because the 4×4 schedule aligns with how college schedules are and it provides students with college prep.

“Often times, freshmen in college are retained a year in their studies due to them having a hard time getting used to a new schedule,” Meggs said. “In addition, after surveying students and teachers at Grace King, the majority prefered the 4×4 schedule.”

Meggs said that the main problem with the blocked schedule was that if students have many absences,  they might miss half of their courses depending on which days they missed, which would cause for a lot of reteaching and students would not be able to perform well in their classes.  Instead with the 4×4, students can solely focus in one class at a time and if they miss days, it would be easier  to catch up with four classes rather than eight.