Dual enrollment program expands

Helana Geggenheimer, Copy Editor

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A new program, dual enrollment, was introduced to Grace King students this year. Grace King has partnered up with University of New Orleans and Delgado to give students a chance to earn college credits while earning their required high school credits.

“Dual Enrollment is a wonderful opportunity for those who are prepared to go the extra mile and work hard for their grades,” Junior Cassie Conners said.

The instructors are hired by UNO and Delgado and come from UNO and Delgado. The classes are scheduled just like some college classes, where you have 2 classes per week.

“It is really great that you will have this credit on your transcript by the time you get to college, and you will also be prepared to write at the college level,” UNO English Composition professor Jade Hurter said. “I think high school necessitates teaching a lot of test prep, to the point that essay writing becomes formulaic, and if students can’t break from that formula, they often won’t do well as college writers. You will be ahead of the curve in doing that.”

Along with the dual enrollment classes that students are taking, there is an additional class called Senior Projects in which students learn how to apply to colleges and scholarships.

“Senior Projects is an amazing class to have because we have to do those things no matter what and it gives us the time to do it,” Senior Kaylee Richter says. “I have student council, cheerleading, work, National Honors Society, and college homework that all takes up most of my schedule, so it’s relieving to have a class that solely focuses on college entry related things.”

Grace King dual enrollment students listen to a guide at UNO.