K-Pop infiltrates American pop culture

Andrew Tran, Managing Editor

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Music has always been an important part of American life. Groups such as Metallica, the Jackson 5, and Fall Out Boy have each shaped their respective periods of music. However, there’s a new craze that is sweeping the world: foreign groups. Many know of groups such as One Direction and The Beatles, but Korean groups have been on the rise in the previous years. These groups have already gained major fan bases in such a small amount of time.

For some people, Kpop, or Korean pop, is an otherworldly phenomenon that they question: and for others, it is literally their life. These Korean men and women draw in millions of people with their stunning performances and jaw-dropping vocals. The effect of this can even be seen in America today. Some fashion designers take their inspirations from the eccentric fashion of Korean groups. Also, some Korean singers are making a name for themselves in the U.S.

Some remember the hit song “Gangnam Style” by PSY, which really put Kpop on the map for mainstream listeners. However, many other groups and singers are coming over to the U.S. to expand their horizons. Some groups even tour in America because of the huge fanbases. Some groups — such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Seventeen — are more notable than other groups that are equally as talented, such as Infinite, Snuper, and Mamamoo. This can even relate back to our culture because some groups in America are extremely talented but do not receive recognition because their e label is not as large.

Kpop has been taking the world by storm. From world tours to livestreams, they have truly impacted how Americans and people in general view music. So, if you get the chance to listen to Korean music, keep an open mind and remember: Keep “FIGHTING!”