2018-2019 Staff

Mr. Bywater


Excited to bring back Grace King's school newspaper! And now, the "important" things: Born and raised in California. Love hockey, but referee football. Gray. EPCOT. Steinbeck. Sushi. And I like coffee...a lot.

Ajla Ibranovic

Managing Editor

Hi!! My name is Ajla (iyla)! I'm turning 18 in January and was born in Bosnia, but I've lived in Metairie for most of my life. I'm also in my last year of high school! After high school I'm interested in getting a Bachelor's in...

Kaitlyn Saari

Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn, I'm a senior this year (Go 019!). I just turned 17 in May. I like to listen to music and bullet journal in my free time. I work at a fro-yo place. I was born in Hammond, and raised in Metairie and in...

Steyci Rodriguez


Hi! my name is Steyci Rodriguez. I am a senior at Grace King. I was born in Honduras, but for the past four years I've lived in Metairie. My favorite color is pink also my favorite food is seafood and I'm very nice and attentive...

Johana Schocher


My name is Johana Schocher and I was born on January 30, 2002. I would describe myself as an attentive and curious person. I like asking a lot of questions and I pay attention to mostly everything. I enjoy watching Netflix and...

Taijae McDowell


Hello, my name is Taijae. My favorite color is pink, and I am in the 10th grade. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I live with my mom. My favorite subject is reading, and my favorite sport is track. This is my second year at Grace...

Payton Evans


My name is Payton and my favorite color is red. My favorite food is Italian, I'm 18 years old, I have 2 dogs (a labradoodle and a beagle), I enjoy going to the beach and driving around. I've had 3 jobs in the past, at Panera,...

Jaileen Gutierrez


Hi, my name is Jaileen and I am in 10th grade. Some of my favorite things to do are run and sleep. For fun I like to make art specifically mandala. I'm in student council and the school band, I play trumpet and help around the...

Samir Khalil


Hi, my name is Samir. I'm an avid crossfitter, who aspires to be an actor, director, producer, and an overall productive member of society.

Jakobe Myles


Hi, I'm Jakobe Myles, 15 years of age and was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up in Houston. Texas and come from  a religious family. I'm a sophomore in high school and my favorite subject is English.I take pride in my...

Joshua Louviere


My name is Joshua Louviere I was born in Hillsboro, Oregon. Later I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana because my dad found a new job after Hurricane Katrina. So growing up in New Orleans has changed me a lot as a person, I now love...

Zainab Moosa


Hi, my name is Zainab. I love photography and listening to music. I adore nature and scenery and anything aesthetic. I also love ocean animals like seals and otters. I also love to watch all types of movies. I plan on going to...

Lina Lin


My name is Lina Lin. I am a sophomore at Grace King. My ethnicity is Chinese. I was born in New York, but raised in Metairie and a small city in Mississippi. My favorite color is yellow. I am currently a member of student council.

Negin Almassi


Hi, my name is Negin, I'm 15 years old. My favorite color is red. I have one dog, his name is Cookie, he's a Shiatsu Poodle mix. My dream is to travel the world and discover other cultures I have also traveled to Dubai, Turkey,...

Hannah Hensley


My name is Hannah and I'm in 10th grade (15 years old). My favorite colors are orange and purple. I'm originally from Biloxi, Mississippi. I used to be in band and I played the trombone. I enjoy watching cartoons while procrastinating...

Kaitlyn Artigues


My name is Kaitlyn Artigues and I am 16 years old. I currently play softball at Grace King. I have red hair and blue eyes. I have 4 dogs, 2 boys and 2 girls. My favorite time of the year is winter. My main interests are videography...

Angelo Barrera


Hello, my name is Angelo Barrera. I am in the band and I play the saxophone. My favorite sport is baseball. I went to Adams Middle School and for elementary school I went to Harold Keller. My favorite subject in school is science...

Logan Juneau


Hello, my name is Logan. I am a very laid back and chill person. I also have a sense of humor. I'm a very caring  and loyal person. I am athletic and I play a lot of sports, my favorite is football.

Joshua Medina


Class of 2020, I enjoy being at home and playing Xbox everyday for more than 8 hours. I am Salvadorian and Puerto Rican. I love pupusas and pizza. My favorite sport is soccer (go Arsenal), and I love watching Netflix. My day consists...

Trinity Martin


My name is Trinity Martin and I am apart of Grace King Irish Eyes. I am also the Junior Class President and a part of the cheer team. My favorite subject is math, and I like science a little bit. I am an A-B student.

Daria Pryshchepa


My name is Daria Pryshchepa, I am a junior and I'm a part of GKHS cheer team and the yearbook club, it's my 2nd year being on the cheer team. My favorite food is Chinese food. I speak more than 2 languages.

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